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2020 Annual Report
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Institute of Food Biotechnology

Main R&D Areas:

Biosystems and bioprocessing Engineering

Brewing microorganism and applied enzymology

Enzyme technology and Engineering

Biological manufacture of functional amino acids

Brewing beer and fruit wine

Modernization and improvement of traditional brewing technology

Separation and purification of bioactive substances

Comprehensive development of natural biological resources

Comprehensive deep processing of grain resources

Biological manufacturing of functional food

Food Biotechnology

Green deep processing of grain and starch

Oil and protein properties improvement

Deep processing of aquatic products

Intensive processing of agricultural products

Contact Info:

Guoping SHEN


Yangzhou Institute: No. 89 Dingxing Road, Yangzhou,  Jiangsu Province 

Nantong Institute: No. 99 Wanshou Road, Rugao Shuiminglou Winery, Jiangsu Province


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