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2020 Annual Report
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Aiming at the demand of rapid clinical testing with handheld rapid molecular diagnostic systems

Due to the features of large size, high cost, complex operation, and long detection cycle of the instruments, existing gene detection technology cannot realize the goal of real-time detection. Aiming at this pain point of the industry, Professor Patrick Kwan, from Monash University, successfully developed a rapid detection technology known as LAMP-IDE and applied it to the HLA genotyping of epilepsy treatment. The research results were published in Biosensors & Bioelectronics.

JITRI sees a broad application potential for LAMP-IDE rapid detection technology in the field of gene detection, and invited Prof. Kwan to return to China to start a business to integrate LAMP-IDE rapid detection with microfluidic chip technology and to thereby develop a handheld rapid molecular diagnosis system. Compared with the existing technology, the system does not need DNA extraction, a tag or DNA staining after amplification. Rather, it directly uses a crude blood sample, a disposable test paper (test chip) and a handheld portable testing instrument, so that rapid genetic testing can be finished in an hour. It has lower costs, a shorter testing time, and can be transported easily to use in rapid testing. In September 2020, Changzhou Trendi Medical Technology Ltd, led by Prof. Kwan, was established in Changzhou Science and Education Park. At present, the first phase of the rapid gene screening system for epilepsy medication has completed laboratory prototype verification, and successfully developed a reagent for epilepsy medication. The company plans to complete the development of a prototype instrument for epilepsy medication by the end of 2021, and complete clinical trials in 2022 to prepare for NPMA application. The successful development of the system can theoretically solve the pain point of the long detection cycle of the current mainstream gene detection technology, and help doctors quickly obtain diagnosis results and give treatment plans. It will be widely used in clinical detection and food safety.

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