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Angalbio creates new center of expertise in targeted drug R&D

In 2019, Angal Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was jointly established by JLP health GmbH Europe, JITRI, and Suzhou New District Hi-Tech Industrial Co., Ltd in Suzhou Hi-Tech Zone, aiming to bring in the world-leading technologies of JLP Health from Europe to meet China's market demand in the field of new drug development, especially in the field of natural compound drug development, to establish an international-level drug target analysis and drug screening base in Jiangsu and to create a new, world-leading drug R&D platform.

One drug target creates one industry. Based on the world's cutting-edge unique haploid forward genetic screening technology platform, Angalbio can accurately identify drug target and off-target structures, reveal the interactions between drugs and targets, and solve several bottlenecks that limit drug development, such as the lack of drug targets, side effects, low efficiency and high waste in the early development of new drugs. The advanced technology from Angalbio can provide key information for drug design, reduce R&D costs, find new drug targets, accelerate new drug R&D, and enhance international competitiveness in the field of new drug development.

In 2020, with the completion of Angalbio’s new lab building and the return of a scientist who completed training in JLP Health, the company has rapidly carried out technology transfer and platform construction, including five research platforms of target screening, cell engineering, virus research, natural drug chemicals, and bio-information, which together establish a unique drug discovery pipeline. Angalbio has several ongoing projects. They communicate with the JLP Health team in Europe regularly to discuss progress. The projects have shown initial progress by using new targets to screen for natural products to treat metabolic diseases and antiviral drugs, and more achievements are expected in the future.

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