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Active tissue targeting via anchored click chemistry (ATTACK) developed the technology to satisfy the clinical needs in cancer therapy

Surio Therapeutics is a preclinical stage company founded in 2019 to develop innovative active cell labeling and cancer-targeting therapeutics. Surio's team is led by Prof. Jianjun CHENG from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, who is a top material scientist. Surio's founders and consulting team has extensive working experience in drug development, commercialization, and global collaboration. Surio is dedicated to the development of global exclusive cancer therapeutics technology based on the ATTACK (Active Tissue Target via Anchored Click chemistry) platform.

Surio Therapeutics received early-stage project funding for 5 million CNY from JITRI. At present, the establishment and evaluation of a number of pipeline drugs have been completed, and a large number of pharmacological and pharmacodynamic research results have been obtained, further verifying the high-efficiency and low-toxicity characteristics of ATTACK technology. In the past two years, the company has further expanded the potential of the ATTACK technology platform and developed multiple pipelines with clinical value. The company plans to submit its first IND application to the Food and Drug Administration in 2022, and plans to develop 3-4 pre-clinical pipeline drug candidates. ATTACK is a brand-new active tumor tissue labeling and targeting technology. It uses the specific enzyme activity and high glycoprotein expression characteristics of cancer cells to achieve high expression of unnatural sugars on the surface of cancer cells, which are then targeted for highly specific tumor therapy. Through ATTACK's active tumor tissue labeling, many cancer methods that do not have their own surface-specific receptor sites can be effectively targeted for treatment. ATTACK technology maintains the core advantages of reducing off-target side effects and optimizing the anti-cancer effects of current cancer antibody targeted therapy, but does not require the presence of identifiable endogenous antigen targets in the tumor. Currently, there is no other similar technology on the market that can achieve the combination of active tumor markers and cancer-targeted therapies.

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