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High-speed railway induction normalizing welding machine

As we all know, China's high-speed rail has become a business card of China. By the end of 2020, China's total length of high-speed rail has exceeded 38,000 km, accounting for more than two-thirds of the world's total. The main characteristics of China's high-speed rail include safety and smoothness, and the key technology is the welding and heat treatment of high-speed rail. Rail welding is a jewel in the crown of iron working areas. Induction welding is generally used, but rail has an irregular cross section, with a thick top, thin waist and rail foot. A special frequency induction heating process is required to guarantee a uniform temperature cross section, and thereby satisfy the requirements of high-speed rail welding quality. Most of the rail welding equipment in use is imported. Prices and technology have long been monopolized by Western manufacturers such as Ukraine and Switzerland.

Dr Yunxing HU’s team from Peking University has developed and produced normalization equipment for many years. Through the development process from bench type to integrated type, from manual type to automatic type, from fixed type to mobile type, it has filled many domestic and even international gaps. Products have been used in most Railway Bureau welding bases, including the first Beijing Zhangjiakou intelligent high-speed railway which can realize 350 km of automatic driving. The team has applied for a number of intellectual property rights, and won the Grand Prize Railway Science and Technology Award of the China Railway Society, the First Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Beijing Railway Bureau, and the Grand Prize of Peking University Innovation Design Competition. In order to improve the efficiency, save labor cost and improve the quality of welding joints, the team currently focuses on research in induction welding and normalizing machine technology, which can complete the two processes of welding and normalizing in the same equipment, with one clamping and one process.

With the support of JITRI's innovative "project manager system" and "Combination of Allocation and Investment", relying on the industrial foundation of Jiangsu rail transit and precision manufacturing, a project operation company called Huanaco Innovation (Suzhou) Advanced Manufacturing Co., Ltd. settled in Suzhou high tech Zone in December 2020, and is committed to developing rail welding and heat treatment processes and equipment with independent intellectual property rights in China. The team has rich experience in the development of high-speed rail equipment, has established close cooperation with Peking University, Tsinghua University, Academy of Railway Sciences and other relevant organizations, and is confident to develop automatic high-speed rail equipment such as high-speed rail induction welding and normalizing machinery to support the construction of an intelligent high-speed rail base in Suzhou. It hopes to become a leading enterprise in high-speed rail equipment manufacturing. With the further reform of China's railways, non-core businesses will be opened to social enterprises in the future, so the team will have the opportunity to undertake rail welding and heat treatment and other businesses, and relevant equipment and services can also be used in the subway, urban railway, and other markets. Therefore, it will have broad market prospects and great strategic significance.

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