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Expanding the brain-machine toy market through win-win cooperation

Hangzhou Entertech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the development of non-implantable EEG acquisition equipment. In recent years, the company began to independently develop all kinds of toys with EEG signal modules. However, the company faced many R&D challenges, such as developing core components of the EEG SoC chip.

In 2020, the company formed a partnership with the Institute of Brain-Computer Fusion Intelligent Technology. Leveraging its experience in the design and development of EEG chips, the Institute proposed chips that will greatly enhance the company’s product competitiveness in the market of neuro-toys. The two parties decided to jointly establish a company in Suzhou to develop brain electrical signal modules for neuro-toys, enabled by the EEG SoC chips developed by the Institute. The marketing team has conducted in-depth communication with mainstream domestic toy manufacturers, toy IP parties, OEM and ODM manufacturers, and has reached a preliminary cooperation agreement. At the same time, the company has participated in product design with toy. According to different toy product forms, the company has designed a series of modular products, which incorporate attention collection algorithms, emotion recognition algorithms, healthy sleep algorithm, etc.

The cooperation can further promote the industrialization of brain-machine fusion, integrate brain-machine interface technology with the toy consumer market, extend the value chain, and benefit the domestic neuro-toy industry.

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