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2020 Annual Report
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Top 3 in the world - RDMA/IP technology enables high-performance network and distributed systems

Tolerant RDMA chips and NIC technology is vital for high-speed network information transmission, and is also the core technology of future high-performance networks and distributed systems. Meanwhile, NIC is the firewall of network safety, it is therefore important to develop high-end NIC chips.

Based on this demand, JITRI engaged with a Canada-based team that has mastered tolerant RDMA chip and NIC technologies. The team’s invention won the Industrial Distinguished Leader Award from APSIPA; it combined optical switching architecture and RDMA, and realized high reliability, low latency and scalability for broadcast network technology. This project settled in Suzhou Industrial Park in 2020 with support from JITRI, and became one of the first key projects following JITRI’s “Combination of Allocation and Investment” model. At present, the project has passed its second landmark evaluation of R&D, entering Phase 3 R&D and business operation. In 2021, it has been awarded a 25.5 million CNY framework purchase order from core customers. In 2022, sales revenue estimates should reach up to 50 million CNY. This project will promote the deployment of IP/RDMA, which has far-reaching strategic significance and marketing value, and may foster new business and technical models.

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