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2020 Annual Report
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Jiangsu Jiumo High-tech Corporation - The Leader of Preferentially Permeable Organic Compounds Membrane Technology

Established in 2020, Jiangsu Jiumo High-Tech Corporation is the first domestic company with preferential organic membrane materials as its core products. It is the first specialized company incubated by the Institute of Integrated Membrane Science and Technology. The company has the largest production capacity in the world, which provides customized services and flexible production. It produces 3 types of preferential organic membrane materials in 6 series and 18 specifications, such as VOC recovery membranes, wine membranes and solvent recovery membranes.

To better treat VOCs, it has developed the world's first flexible polymer anti-static diversion technology. The technology upgrades the explosion-proof level of a VOC recovery membrane module from "flameproof" to "intrinsically safe", which eliminates potential safety hazards. The recovery rate of organic solvent is above 95%, and the energy consumption is reduced by more than 25% compared with the traditional technology. It has been applied in more than 60 enterprises such as Sinopec, with a cumulative emission reduction of more than 2.5 billion m3 of organic waste gas, and has recovered more than 150,000 tons of organic solvent and generated revenue of more than 1.85 billion CNY. In 2020, it won the first prize of the technical invention of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation. 

For wine purification, the company's original wine membrane technology was acclaimed as "black technology" by industry experts, and was evaluated as "subversive" by Academician Baoguo Sun. The technology is the first ever to prepare and extract high-alcohol liquor by methods beyond distillation. At present, it has been successfully applied for producing Maotai-flavor liquor, Luzhou-flavor liquor, and preparing alcohol-free wine/brandy. Large-scale demonstration projects have been established in well-known liquor enterprises such as Jiangsu King’s Luck Liquor Corporation.

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