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2020 Annual Report
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Suzhou Polytri Material Technology Co., Ltd. developed special polyimide materials

Suzhou Polytri Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a spin-off from the “PI flexible substrate project” of the Institute for Smart Liquid Crystal (SLiC)  which mainly focuses on the development and production of specialty polyimide materials. The materials are mainly used for the substrate (yellow PI) of flexible organic light-emitting displays (OLED), the transparent film material (transparent PI or CPI) of touch panel and display cover materials.   

After four years of development, the company has completed the benchmark test and the pilot-scale tests of polyimide products with high transmission, high heat resistance and excellent mechanical properties. The performance is equal to or better than the existing foreign products, and it has passed the tests of well-known domestic companies. In order to accelerate the commercialization, at the end of 2019, the construction of a polyimide materials production base covering an area of 23 acres and an annual output of 1,100 tons has begun. In 2020, the plant and production line have been built. It is expected that the production line will be completed in April 2021 and mass production will begin. In 2020, the company launched series-A financing and the company's overall valuation has reached 200 million CNY with expected annual revenue of over 100 million CNY.

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