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2020 Annual Report
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Talent Acquisition

JITRI has built an ecosystem to attract leading scientists, industrial experts, research and development personnel, and graduate students. In this ecosystem, prominent scientists are recruited as project leaders, top-notch innovative and entrepreneurial experts form the backbone of the projects, and researchers or students are the main R&D workforce.

Development is the top priority, human capital is the most important resource, and innovation is the key driving force.
JITRI's Talent Ecosystem
Talent Acquisition and Incentive Mechanisms——Project Managers and JITRI Fellows

JITRI Project Managers

JITRI has adopted a "Project Manager" program, through which leading global industrial experts are identified and recruited to form teams to lead the incubation of new research institutes and start-up companies.

JITRI Fellows

167 JITRI Fellows have been hired, tasked to focus on applied research commercialization.

Cultivate Talent——JITRI Graduate Students
Leveraging JITRI’s innovation ecosystem, a joint training program with dual supervisors has being implemented. JITRI has jointly trained 1500+ graduate students and 71 PhD/post-doc students by working in collaboration with partner universities.
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JITRI Institutes and Joint Innovation Centers

Local industrial parks
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